A Pizza Invention: The (Pizza) Package Saver

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As we grow our blog we'll occasionally cover inventions which have made pizza easier and tastier for us all. Our first invention is a small object designed to prevent this unspeakable horror:

Oh the humanity!

When you get a pizza delivery you'll often find a small, white, plastic object in the middle of the pizza that looks like a three-legged table. The simple device plays an important role by preventing the top of the box from getting pushed down on to your delicious pizza. Today we'll take a brief look at the history behind the package saver.

Pizza Holder

The humble yet mighty pizza saver.

A woman named Carmela Vitale patented the packer saver back in 1985. The abstract of the patent describes it like this:

A temperature resistant molded plastic device is described for use in boxes or packages such as pizza boxes where there is a tendency of large cover portions to sag downwardly to damage the soft pizza or other packaged products. In use, the saver is positioned near the center of the package to support the box cover for protecting the contents.

Ms. Vitale specifically designed the product to be disposable, along with the pizza box, and used thermo resistant plastics which could sustain temperatures up to 500 degrees. The patent expired in 1993 as Ms. Vitale stopped paying the upkeep fee for it.

Although there've been variations to this device over the years, its basic premise has stayed the same:

Pizza Holder

Variations of the original pizza saver.

Over time the few people who actually knew what this invention was called people started referring to it as a 'pizza saver' instead of a 'package saver'. For me though, I'll still with 'that little plastic table'.

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